1999 company was founded
2000 Headquarters was formally established in Sanjun Street, Shulin City, New Taipei City
2001 The mainland Lianjin factory was established in Tangxia, producing all kinds of connectors
2009 The company invested in Yangxin Electronics Factory and formally established a wire department
2009 Headquarters expanded and moved to Shulin Zhongxin Street
2011 Kendal Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong
2012 Jiangsu branch established-Kunshan Chuanxifu Electronics
2013 Established a domestic factory in Guangdong Province-Dongguan Chuanxifu Electronics
2019 Domestic factory in Guangdong Province-Dongguan Chuanxifu Electronics, renamed-Dongguan Kaboe Electronics Co., Ltd.
2022 The mainland Lianjin factory will be relocated to Xiegang, Dongguan City to expand the scale.

At present, our products are exported to Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other European and American countries. We have successfully opened domestic and foreign markets and are favored by customers and enjoy a good reputation.
Good corporate planning, professional R&D and production team and management and operation system, excellent quality and competitive price --- Kaibo has professional experience and continuous R&D and innovation spirit, and will be your all-round trustworthy Partner.