• Customized USB-C Cable
    Customized USB-C to Lightning Cable

    Is a customized USB-C cable manufacturer certified by UL and ISO. We can provide Apple MFi certified USB-C lighting cable and USB C cable according to your design. As an experienced USB-C cable manufacturer, we can manufacture any customized USB Type-C cable you need. We also specialize in the production and development of a variety of customized Micro USB cables, audio cables, and Type-C series chargers and accessories.

    客製化USB Type C 數據線

    我們是經過 UL和ISO 認證的 USB-C 數據線的製造商。 我們可以根據您的設計提供 Apple Mfi 認證的 USB-C 數據線 和 USB C 傳輸線。 作為一個經驗豐富的USB-C 數據線製造商,我們可以客製您所需要的 USB Type-C 的任何數據線。 我們還也可以定制各種Micro USB,音頻電纜以及Type-C系列的充電器和配件的生產和開發。

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